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Littleton High School
Class of 1962
Littleton High
Class of 62

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LHS Class of 1962 Memorial Photos
53 of 1962's Finest July -/ 2015


Recent passing of our Classmate
Susan L. Strickland Gallagher

Sue Strickland

Passed Away May 4th 2015
Susan Strickland Gallagher 1944 - 2015 | Obit:

2015-Bob Seymour

Robert L. Seymour LHS 1962 Passed away at home in Ft Collins July 6,2015
Obit Robert L. Seymour


Dan Taylor

Daniel Gregory Taylor LHS 1962 August 7, 1944 - September 18, 2013 Passed away in Littleton, CO.
Daniel Taylor Obituary - LittletonColorado -

With the greatest respect we remember these classmates who are no longer with us.


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