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Littleton High
Class of 62

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Susan Strikland Colpitt Gallagher 1944- 2015


Susan Gallagher Obituary
Susan Strickland Gallagher, of Boulder, died on May 4th at her home after a long battle with cancer. Sue was born May 27th, 1944, in Dayton, Ohio to Dudley and Jane Strickland of Littleton, CO. She graduated from Littleton High School in 1962 and studied at Smith College before earning her B.A. in Asian Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder, where she was invited to join the Honor Society Phi Beta Kappa. Sue then received her M.A. in Chinese Language from the University of Kansas. After graduate school, Sue married Arthur Colpitt, Jr. and spent much of the next decade working and living in Hong Kong and Taipei. During this time, Sue had two children, Rik and Andrea. Upon her return to the United States, Sue and her family settled in Boulder, CO where she built a business, China Coast, that specialized in Chinese antiques. Sue's abiding love of travel and all things Asian helped her build a successful and well-known local company. In 2003, Sue married her second husband, Michael E. Gallagher. Sue and Mike shared a passion for things old and interesting. They spent much of their time together traveling in the U.S. and abroad, always finding antique stores or ancient sites to explore. Fluent in both academic and conversational Mandarin, Sue was a member of the Asian Studies Department at the Denver Art Museum. She also enjoyed gardening, fly-fishing, and was an avid reader; however, none of these pursuits came close to her number one passion: her family. Susan is survived by her loving husband, Michael E. Gallagher, his eight grandchildren, her two children, Arthur Colpitt III and Andrea Cullerton, Andrea's husband, Scott Cullerton, and their three children, Tessa, Kellan and Finnegan, her sister, Carol S. Gamel, and Carol's husband, Fred Gamel. Memorial contributions may be made to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation ( in celebration of Susan's life. A service of remembrance is planned for May 27th (Sue's birthday) at The Community House at Chautauqua in Boulder at 11AM.
Published in The Boulder Daily Camera from May 20 to May 24, 2015


Gerritt "Gary" Laman

Obituary Gary Laman

Gerritt (Gary) Arthur Laman, Business owner and resident long time and Friend of so many of us has passed away losing his battle with cancer on February 18 2014. Since our 50th Reunion in 2012, we met several times for lunch with Gary. We will miss him. Our deepest sympathy is expressed to his Family.

Comments Posted Feb/27/2014

To:Classmates of Gerry Laman Class of 1962.
A Celebration of Life to share fond memories and humorous stories will be held Sat., March 15, 11:00 AM, at the Mountainview Community Christian Church, 40 E. Highlands Ranch Pkwy, Highlands Ranch 80126.    Directions from C-470 and Broadway: go south on Broadway for 2 miles to HR Pkwy, turn left (east) onto HR Pkwy and the church is on the right.   Memorial donations may be made to The Denver Hospice, 501 S. Cherry St., Ste. 700, Denver 80246, or to The Mountainview Community Christian Church.
Their address is 13950 E Linvale Pl., Aurora, CO 80014.  email

Gerry Laman

I was grateful that I had the chance to reconnect with Gerry at the reunion.  We have had lunch together often and I have reacquainted with his wife Joyce and his kids.  They are a wonderful family and that says a lot about him as well.
He died of cancer which had spread to multiple organs.
Walt Edgerly 

Thank You Harry for the update on Gary Laman and your notice to all of us on your contact list.  Like Dennis we share the news with sadness and add our sympathy and prayers to all the family and friends of our classmate we were so fortunate to have and call our friend and coffee buddy.
Gary Galbreath
Thank you all for sending your comments attached FYI - Bless you all

From Harry Montgomery
I recently talked to Walt Edgerly about Gary , he said that Gary is losing his hard fought battle with cancer, that he only has a few days left, and being kept comfortable.
Harry Montgomery

From Carolyn Montgomery
 Hi, just a quick note.  Harry has been informed that Gary Layman in not doing well and is now being cared for by hospice.  Keep him and his family in your prayers.   Harry has been in contact with Walt.
Love you all,
Carolyn Montgomery

From Dennis Rethmeier
Thank you, Harry for the update, but I sure am sorry to hear this sad news. I feel fortunate that I got a chance to reconnect with Gary at our reunion, and I am praying for his comfort and peace.
My regards to all of you,
Dennis Rethmeier

From Paulette Wray
Dear all.....
Just makes me squeeze my eyes and heart to remember when we young, daring and beautiful...we still are but now with a new perspective....that  of being very fortunate to have experienced our childhood together and remember as we continue to say goodbye.
Rest well Gary
Paulette Wray

Our hearts go out to Gary and his family.   I didn't realize he was so ill.   My deepest sympathy to a wonderful classmate.
Sue Reynolds


Dale Parker

Published in Idaho Statesman from Dec. 31, 2013 to Jan. 4, 2014

- Christine Moorhouse
  "always a gentleman"
- Jack Burns

"We were Blessed to have met you May you R.I.P."

- Gallagher Family

"What a great person, co-worker and apple pie maker. Great..."

Obituary Dale Parker

Comment Posted 12/29/2013
This is a sad email to send to you but Dale Parker was a special person and friend of mine. You might even have known him.  We all were in high school which is even better if you did know Dale as he was one of the most likeable people you would ever know. If you could put this in the 62 reunion email list I would greatly appreciate it. There will be more information later from Linda Wood on memorial services.

Thank You, Ed Dugan

dale-parker2013Dale Parker 2013-2Dale Parker 2013-3

Comment Posted 12/26/2013
Hi Everybody,
  After I heard about Dale passing away on Christmas I started to reminesce about the good old days @ Menoken Farms with Everybody. Here are a few good memories of our good friend and brother Dale.  We will all miss him and hope he comes back as an elk or eagle or trout or maybe even a good bird dog.  Love to you all on this sad day.
Linda L. Wood

Comment Posted 12/28/2013
We are going to have a memorial for Dale in Idaho where he lived the last 20 years at Le Bois Park (Race Track) when it opens in the Spring. We willalso have a service for him here at Menoken Farms in the late Spring or early summer. When we set dates for these with his sisters and friends I will let you know. Dale did have several nieces and nephews. Dale was married to Linda Woods sister Mary for about 13 years.
Linda L. Wood

Comment Posted 12/31/2013
Hello Littleton High School Friends:
I also am sad to hear the news on Dale’s passing. Dale was a good friend of mine also, especially when I first moved to Littleton in 5th grade (Mrs. Bowling and then Mrs. Schneider’s class at North). Dale and I raised rabbits for a little while, building new hutches with my dad’s help and a little money I earned while sacking groceries at CeBuzz (Viki Norrish’s dad owned it). I joined 4H with Dale for a short stint, had to switch from rabbits to Forestry – we ran out of money to buy rabbit feed and the rabbits all froze to death one very cold winter. This was a tough but important lesson I learned from my dad – it had to do with economics and budgeting! I also enjoyed shooting rats with a 22 under the grain mill with Dale – can’t believe we were able to walk right through town carrying guns! My, have times changed.

Dale was a very friendly and likable guy – he was one of the first people to reach out to one of the newcomers in town (albeit, incredibly, from Englewood!)

All the best to all of you. I will appreciate being kept informed of the plans for Dale’s memorial.

Dennis Rethmeier

Comment Posted 12/31/2013: Sent to Gary but really such a nice story of early school days in Littleton which we all can relate and a sad loss to all who knew Dale Parker.

Gary, I cannot began to tell you how much this means to me that you have done this to let the class of Littleton Sr. High school, “1962” know that we have lost a special person. I first met Dale in the fourth grade at North elementary school and we were friends all through high school. I used to walk to his house on the way to school we would then walk together taking the short cut through the swamp. It was such an adventure for me as I had moved from Denver to Littleton and he was my first real friend in a new town which lasted for a long time. The last time I saw or spoke to Dale was at Dr. Woods’s house either in 65/66 time period I had moved to California in 65 and had come home to visit my mom and family. Fast forward forty years plus when I would get with Harry I would tell him that we should try and find/talk to Dale but the phone #’s never did catch up with him. I thought in 2014 that we would drive up to Idaho and find him. Well, father time had caught up with Dale as he had a bad heart and come down with Dementia at the end. I did find his sister Thelma through the Reunion booklet and I was able to call her. We talked for about 30 minuets and covered the last 50 years that have gone bye. Thelma and Nancy Mann worked at the Littleton Rex Al drug store and that was the place that we spent a lot of time while we were in high school. It was just a lot fun going there to hang out with the guys, Dale, Geo and me. I’m going to miss Dale as he was a real friend all the way through school but when we leave the nest or in this case Littleton for the big wide world changes do happen and they happen fast and not always for the good. But hey, who ever said that it was going to all Rose’s anyway.

Thank You, Gary

Dale Parker (D.P.)
1944 ~ 2013
Dale Arthur Parker was born September 25, 1944 in Atlantic, Iowa and moved on to better hunting grounds on Christmas day 2013 in Emmett, Idaho. He was born to Rex and June Parker and after moving to Littleton, Colorado spent his early years with his 'adoptive' family of Dr. Abe Wood and his wife, Helen. Dale married Mary Wood in 1972 and later divorced in 1987.
In 1976 Dale, Mary and Linda Wood formed a horse training facility in Montrose, CO called "Menoken Farm" which Linda continues to own and manage today. In 1982, Dale and Don Miller (DE) a close friend and hunting partner formed a small hunting club to support their desire to maintain a larger hunting area than Menoken Farm proper and the adjoining farm owned by Mrs. Helen Wood. The hunting club became known as "Camp Nine" (the bunks in the clubhouse were held together with "number 9 wire") The newly formed hunting club covered a large area of neighbors' land and became the source of many wonderful duck and goose hunting experiences for numerous friends and members of the little hunting club. Several members of the hunting club were owners and or chefs of noted restaurants in the Aspen and Vail area. Dale and friends enjoyed many dinners by this incredible assemblage of fine chefs.
Dale's animal training abilities were nothing short of miraculous. A very small number of people possess the abilities to handle and train horses, dogs, and even cats as Dale had. We all witnessed an uncanny training feat for a cat named "Goto". Dale trained this cat to to sit, stay and come. This was testament on an unusual ability to communicate and gain trust with an animal. Over the years of training dogs, Dale developed a breed of his own, known as "Parker Pointers". These dogs were a cross of the best English pointers and German shorthair pointers Dale found. For over twenty years Dale continued to refine the out crossing and crossing to generate the ultimate upland bird hunting dog. Dale accomplished his goal. For all who had the opportunity to hunt behind these dogs and to watch the dogs hunt for Dale it was something to behold. The same values and qualities necessary to silently command the respect and response from animals were the same qualities Dale demonstrated to all people who knew and worked with him.
Dale was associated with the horse racing industry since his youth; as a jockey, race starter, starter judge, race steward (Judge Parker), race track general manager, horse trainer, consultant and lobbyist for the industry. He spent time as a steward at many different tracks including Centennial in Littleton, CO, San Juan Downs in Farmington, NM and most recently, Wyoming Downs in Evanston, WY. Dale conducted his responsibility as a race steward with utmost of respect. Dale's conviction in all his decisions was that there are two sides to any story.
In 1992 Dale joined his good friend, DE in McCall, ID to enjoy a new adventure in the mountain valleys and back country of the great state of Idaho. Everywhere Dale went he quickly built new friendships and in Long Valley it was the same story - Anyone who had the opportunity to spend time with Dale learned to love him like a son or brother. During the years in McCall Dale continued the race steward position and later became general manager of Wyoming Downs.
In 1992 Dale moved to the Emmett Valley where he could have a horse or two in the winter time and for the next 19 years he enjoyed the climate and wonderful people of the valley. As always he became involved in the horse racing families and the fair racing program of Gem County. Dale continued to travel to work at Wyoming Downs in the summer and back to Emmett for hunting in the fall, skiing in the winter and preparing his famous jellies and jams from the multitude of cherry and apple orchards in the area. These jars of jellies were given from his heart to his friends and anyone else Dale thought would like or need some.
In recent years Dale spent a significant amount of time and energy to lobby the Idaho State Legislature to pass a law allowing para mutual betting for the county fair system statewide. Dale was successful in accomplishing the goal and the future of racing for the county fairs has a better chance of surviving because of his relentless efforts.
All who new Dale can look up and see him smiling down on us. We all will feel his spirit for the rest of our time in this life.
Dale is preceded in death by his birth parents, Rex and June Parker and his adoptive parents, Abe and Helen Wood. Dale is survived by two maternal sisters, Cindy (Bill) Dirschl of Shawnee Mission, KS and Thelma (Vernon) Tovrea of Canyon City, CO and adoptive siblings; Bill (Janna) Wood of Denver CO, Mary Wood (John Cossick) of Montrose, CO, Earl (Virginia) Wood of Pueblo, CO, Marti Wood of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Linda Wood of Montrose, CO and 16 nieces and nephews.
A heartfelt thanks to all of Dale's friends who took the opportunity to help Dale during his last months including Jean Betzold and her staff at Serenity Living Care Center in Emmett.
Memorial donations in Dales name may be made to the Gem County Fair Board Racing, PO Box 443, Emmett, ID 83617.
Two celebrations of Dale's life will be held at a later date. One will be held the beginning of April Spring Racing at the Emmett Race Track and one in Montrose, CO at Menoken Farms in April.

Bonnie Kay Plunkett Miller. We are saddened by the news of the loss or our classmate. The Family and Friends mourn her passing this past May 26th 2013. We have many fond memories of Bonnie and many of us spoke with Bonnie this past year when Bonnie attended our 50th LHS Reunion August 2012.

Lynette Elizabeth Olsen Lobb - We mourn the loss of one of our Classmates Lynn Olsen 1962 this past April 14th, 2013. Lynette Elizabeth Olsen Lobb May 30, 1944 - April 14th, 2013. Lynn attended the Reunion we hope you had a chance to see and talk to Lynn.

Candus "Candy" Clark Houck - We were informed of the passing of Candy. She also attended the Reunion, it was a joy seeing her there as well. Candy passed away this Past March 1, 2013.


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