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Thank you all for sending in your personal submittals and comments for and about the LHS62 50th Reunion: Below is a complete compilation of those postings collected From 2011 through 2012.

Comment Posted 8/7/2012
This comment is from Derald Hoffman a teacher of many of you at Grant Jr. High and again at Littleton High School.  I looked through the pictures of the class and remember so many of you from the class of '62.  It was my second year at LHS.  I started a Ski Club in 1960 and many of you were in the Ski Club.  In the winter of '61 we had 22 trips to the ski areas.  We started a racing club, but I think it was after all of you graduated.  I live in Castle Rock, CO. and my phone number is 303-683-6631 and my e-mail  Would love to hear from any of you who remember me.
Derald Hoffman

Comment Posted 7/19/2012
Dear Classmates... I look forward to our 50th class reunion! My favorite teacher was Miss Carolyn McClure, the drama teacher, who type-cast ed me in the role of Laura in the Jr. Class play, Glass Menagerie,
(favorite memory), when I arrived at LHS my junior year, ( painfully shy).
My two best friends from LHS, Lea Ann Moldenhauer Maguire and Nancy Mattingly also arrived at LHS in the 11th grade and the three of us became best friends. Sadly, they both passed away much too young! How I wish they could attend! So I'm writing this to let you know a little about their lives after graduation.
Lea Ann was my best friend. We both went to CU at Boulder. After our freshman year, Lea Ann took a job as a stewardess for UAL and was based in NYC. I stayed at CU for another year; enjoying being a pompom girl and the great frat parties. Then I too, join UAL and was based out of EWR, but lived in Manhattan.
Lea Ann returned to Denver and married her college sweetheart, Brian Maguire, an attorney in Denver. They had three beautiful little girls, Kerry, Megan, and Belle. How I loved visiting them. Lea Ann loved being a mother!
After my plane crash Nov. 11, 1965 in Salt Lake, thanks to God, I survived and 6 mos later I took a job on the ground. Both Lea Ann and Nancy were in my first wedding to Ed Iacino in May of '68, (a very brief marriage).
Lea Ann and Brian came out to Marina del Rey, Ca to vacation with my second husband, Pat Sevedge, and I. (We had a happy marriage for 10yrs.). On another occasion the four of us met in Puerto Vallarta for a few days. We stayed very close till her death, at the age of 36 yrs. when Lea Ann, tragically, was killed in a head-on collision by a drunken truck driver. Brian died a couple of years later. I've stayed in touch with their daughters. Kerry had two son, the eldest Brian was also killed by a drunk driver at the age of 21yrs just a year ago in June. Her other son, Tanner is attending college. Megan was born on my birthday, May 13th, so we feel very close. She has been out several times, including helping me when I was recently home from the hospital and helpless. She will be attending the reunion with me in honor of her mother's memory. Belle married Devin Barber in Costa Rica a few years ago and I had the honor to attend. I'm happy to have them all in my life.
Nancy Mattingly took a job flying for Continental Air Lines after 2 yrs at, (I believe... if my memory serves me), Colorado Women's College. She flew the govt route charters to Hawaii and Asia which she thoroughly enjoyed! I'm not sure of the actual date she died of cancer but it was sometime in her 30's. We spoke several times, but weren't able to connect in person much. Wish I had more to share for her.
After 33yrs of mostly part-time with the airlines, I took an early retirement which enabled me the opportunity to finish my deceased father's book, Marathon Dancer, The Bille Steele Story. While working on it, I was
inspired to turn it into a musical and started writing songs. If interested in hearing four songs or more about the book, my web site is . The book is finished but as of yet, it is the great unfinished musical, but who knows.
I've done a couple commericals and several episodes of Desperate Housewives, including the final episode( as featured background actor), plus a Mad Man and a good spot on one of the last "24". It's just a little something to do part-time to bring in a little extra money, but fun.
I had a very bad boating accident a year ago July 5th, (guess you could say I'm accident prone) almost lost my leg but am doing better. I'm selling my home because of the stairs; it's due to close on Sept 10th if all goes well. Hoping to buy a new home in the desert. My mother and brother are there. Mom is 91yrs and still drives. It would be nice to be close to her at this time. I'm limping just like Laura in the junior class play, but hope to dance with Gary Galbreath at the reunion.
If you have had the fortitude to read through this, God Bless you! Hope to see you at the reunion!
Wishing you and your families Health and Happiness always!
Annette Folz Sevedge

Comment Posted 7/8/2012
Kate (Kathy) Thomas Shipman
Children Bonnie, Kathi, Don Jr., Christy
After High School College in San Francisco,m Flight attendant for Continental Airlines, married, and worked in fashion industry and Interior Design until 1983 then as a Mortgage Broker for 30 years, then opened Fresh Start Consulting, a Homeowners Advocate/Consultant business, for loan modifications,short sales, and purchase money for reverse mortgages in Palm Springs. Loves Palm Springs, work is a hobby, Loves the Casino's raising Grand Daughter. High School Memories Dances after the Football games.
Kate Shipman

Comment Posted 5/6/2012
Karen Kunz Pilmanis
Retired US Dept of Commerce-Foreign Service in 2008. Spent 3 years in Beiging, Stockholm, and Melbourne. US Embassies in China, Stockholm, Riga and Australia.
Spouse George HS. Antelope Valley Union HS, CA. 1956
Children: 1 Son age 30
Memories – My senior year social studies teacher Gary Balliet, was my best teacher. Honors course was great college prep class.
Karen Kunz Pilmanis

Comment Posted 7/9/2012
Karol Lynne Welch Layman
After HS Graduated CU
Recent Occupation Design Center Manager - Ethan Allan, Inc
Spouse Garry L. Layman - George Washington 1961, Retired
Children Craig Layman 44, Kelly Parrott 43, Katie Johnson 33.
Raising 3 children and now helping with 6 Grand Children. Last 14years working in Interior Designer and Manager, previous 17 years i had my own clothing line, Garry and I have been Married 46 years and have lived in Rye Beach, NH for 40 years. Enjoy Traveling, Skiing, Swimming, our Children and Grand Children.
Memories:   The Lionettes and all the practicing we did. Mr. Joe Haggerty, my dear friend Sue Strickland and some great teachers. My Diving team at the DU Hilltoppers.
Karol Welch Layman

Comment Posted 7/9/2012
Nancy J Mann
Occupation Program Manager Contract Hire to AT&T
Children Shauna Stovall 45, John O'Hayre 42, Heather O'Hayre, Katie Barber 30.
Traveled coast to coast and internationally with Alcatel-Lucent, retired 2010.
Memories wished I worked less and spent more time enjoying high school
Nancy Mann

Comment Posted 7/9/2012
Patricia (Pat) Hein Dahlberg
Have Retired - Spouse Phil -HS Douglas County 1961, Occupation- Print Associate/Compassion Intl.
Children Michelle47, Jeffrey 45, Todd, 43. We have lived in Washington State for 13 years and Las Vegas for 10 years and Colorado Springs for the past 13 years
Memories:   Great memories of the great friendships and a life that was pretty simple and carefree compared to the High School years now. Enjoyed senior sneak trip, football state championship, etc.
Patricia Dahlberg

Comment Posted 7/9/2012
Patricia Mae Kotinek Mautschke
Retired, Children Stephen Chambers 46, Roger Porter jr 40, Ned Porter 39, Kathleen Porter Epperson 38.
Enjoy Facebook, Email, playing mahjongg and Word Games on computer, eating out with freinds, shopping, genealogy and puzzle books.
Memories:   my boyfriend, Don Lucas class of 1960, chorus, Triple trio and best friends.
Patricia Mautschke

Comment Posted 7/9/2012
Charles Edwin Kenny
Retired - Spouse Agnes retired Meridian HS 1960 Washington State
Children Charles Jr. USAF, Carla Kenny
Recovering from serious semi-truck accident in 2009, adjusting to new status.
Memories:   State Choir event at Cherry Creek HS and all sport wins at state championships
Charles Kenny

Comment Posted 7/10/2012
Vicki Beeman Rockwell
Retired Elementary teacher Fort Bend ISD
Spouse Walter Abilene HS 1961 - Attorney
Children Brian 43, Leanne Rockwell Taylor 37, Keith 36.
Married my college sweetheart, 3 beautiful children, and 3 awesome, amazing grandchildren.
When we can get away, we enjoy our ranch in South Texas. In Houston, I hang with great friends, quilt, read and spend hours with photography!
Memories:   I remember even with the haze of passing time, terrific, smart, wonderful friends. My LHS memories are filled with caring relationships and challenging teachers. Loved it all and so sorry to miss this milestone in our lives.
Let’s enjoy the Reunion and I will raise my glass of wine to all of you on Friday & Saturday and the days of Auld Lang Syne, "Times gone by."
Vicki Rockwell

Comment posted 7/10/2012
France C Grabowski
Vice Pres of Hi Performance Wash Systems
Spouse Joyce - Retired Golden HS 1958
Children  - Tammy, Carrie, Stacey, Adam
Grand Kids-  Logan, Corwin, Brandon, Austin, Makea, Milo Cohan
What up to - Work, Golf, Travels to Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and Grand Kids
Memories:  hmmmm Gene Pitney song at the Prom   
Franck Grabowski

Comment Posted 7/10/2012
Barbara Tiren Geiger
Retired - Spouse ASA retired East HS 1959
Children Kirsten 43, Aaron 40, Erika 37.
Living the dream-in a small mountain town with great views and nice people.
Memories:   great friendships, listening to the Jukebox on lunch hours.
Barbara Geiger

Comment Posted 7/10/2012
Garrett Bouton
Retired International Investment Banking Career in Latin America, Europe and Asia
Company Director - Various
Spouse Diana - Retired HS 1963
Children Shannon40, Ligia 39, Tara 28
Memories - Sports and Good Friends, drive in restaurants, prom nights, good friends and misbehaving.
Garrett Bouton

Comment Posted 7/10/2012
Tom Daly
Self employed Leadership trainer, counselor, mentor
Spouse Jude Blitz - Psyco therapist University City HS 1961 St. Louis 
Children Eric, 46, Shawna Kane 43
Enjoying life with family and friends - doing work I enjoy that serves the community.
Tom Daly

Comment Posted 7/10/2012
Harlan Vince Mendenhall
Research Surgeon - Wake Forest University
Spouse Diann - Quality Assurance Manager HS Bacus, MN 1975
Children Tai 41, Tiffany 40
Been Up to:  Degrees: DVM 1968, PhD Experimental Surgery 1981, Employment Rangitaiki Plains Dairy Company, Edgecumbe, New Zealand 1968- 1971. 3M Company 1975-1992, Charles River Laboratories 1992 - 2008, and Wake Forest University 1992 to Present - no intention of retiring.
Co-Holder of 12 Patents, over 200 presentations, 48 Publications, 21 Book Chapters.
Hobbies - Travel/Scuba diving and grandkids. I have been in every state in the US, plus 48 countries heading for the 50th.
Memories:  Cheerleading
Harlan Mendenhall

Comment Posted 7/10/2012
John Manning Rogers
Occupation Oil Field Truck driving - Murfin Drilling Co.
Spouse Judy - Retail Clerk Thompson Falls HS Montana, 1969
Children - MSgt. Devin Rogers 40, Brian Rogers 38
Working long hours to get mortgage paid off,  fencing our garden to keep the rabbits out, hoping to retire alive so I can restore some old cars and motorcycles I've collected over the years.
Memories:  Positive upbeat attitude about the future. It was a happy time.... with a little teenage mischief thrown in to spice things up.      
John Rogers

Comment Posted 7/9/2012
Jim Lawrence Miller
Retired IBM Research
Spouse Carol - Retired San Jose HS. 1963
Children Dana 40, Kristina 38, Erica 36
Retired to Las Vegas for the Tax Breaks and Entertainment. I am restoring 1928 - 1931 Model A Fords with Custome wood working on the side.
Jim Miller

Comment Posted 5/21/2012 #2
One day after school in our junior year Denny Rethmeier and I went target practicing. We were accompanied by Vicki Beeman and Barbara Tiren. We had with us, among others, a gun that shot only blanks and decided it would be very funny to stage an argument and finish it with a shot and a faked death to scare the girls. They watched this with total disgust for the fact that we were arguing and never believed the faked gunshot wound for a second. Massive disappointment!!
Walt Edgerly

Comment Posted 5/21/2012 #1
I remember getting my driving license on my 16th birthday and excitedly going to Mike Morgan's house to show off. I knocked down the fence next to the Morgan's driveway on the way in. Mike's dad barely reacted to the news and never told my folks. Nice man! He also let me drive their car on a trip to see Mike while he was on a combining tour (owned his own combine and worked for college funds harvesting wheat). I have some amazing friends.
Walt Edgerly

Comment Posted 5/17/2012
Hope to see all of you this August to participate in wonderful memories of growing up in an ideal small town in the '50''s and '60's when life just seemed so much simpler! Some memories wonderful; others may bottle you up but it was a fabric of our lives. Please join us!
Still Working Commercial Real Estate own business
Still downhill ski, hike, golf, swim and Garden
-Paulette Gerety Wray (Committee)

Comment Posted 7/10/2012
Walt Edgerly
Occupation - Insurance Agent
Spouse Marlene – Legal Secretary HS Bacon County Georgia 1966
Children Jeremy 38, Eli 33, Bennett 32, Gabe 30
Walt Still working my insurance office business. House is 6 Blocks away, Being a husband and granddad
Love to putter in the yard and party with the kids, I am easy to please.
Remembers wonderful time in life. Great people in class an school , teachers and administrators. Fun we had at Ms Benkelmans expense and gratitude for her after taking SAT’s great football and basketball games, dances, cheerleaders, pom pom girls fantastic.
Walt Edgerly

Comment posted 5/16/2012
You could say that I have had a full life experienced after high school. I married and had 2 children by my high school sweetheart, career began with cattle ranching, piloting airplanes initially in Colorado and airline career then to Alaska and back, 25 year aviation career provided travel to 4 continents, 2nd marriage and career afforded living abroad in Belgium for 3 years, returned to USA. Remodeled homes, managed and maintained properties in Colorado, retired and took up many hobbies including staying technically challenged with Internet, develop web pages, Smart Phones, 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild all living in other states provides for lots of travel.
- Gary Galbreath

Comment posted 4/9/2011
I attended Grant Junior High School from 7th grade on and then Littleton High until right before our senior year. I was to be the art editor of the yearbook that last year. I was so sad to move and for every reunion, pretty much, I have returned to be with my friends. Thanks for always including me.
Spouse Name: Tom , manufacturers rep, Farmer HS Enid HS, Oklahoma, 1955
What been doing – My artwork keeps me busy doing home portraits and exhibiting in several galleries. We own 16 acres and having a full fruit orchard and a cut-your-own  Christmas tree farm is lots of work, I see my 92 year old mother each day at local nursing home. I enjoy being with children and grandchildren as often as possible.
In high school I loved the dances.  Once at a dance my partner,  Brent Bailey, and I were doing the polka so fast we fell on the floor laughing. The team spirit when we won the football and basket ball state championships and going to the drive in restaurant to celebrate.
-Ann Harlan

Comment posted 4/27/2011
Been up to:  Just working my butt off but it is fun, now I am making updates to a website to see how it flows.
What you remember:  Nice football stadium there at LHS
Not much else here, just wanted to say thanks for doing all this.
-Annomous poster DAG

Comment Posted 4/29/2011
Been up to: I spend a lot of time at our local rifle range where I'm the Range Safety Officer and chief cook and bottle washer
What you remember: I escaped with a diploma
-Joe Oman

Comment Posted 5/11/2011
Sally Carlos Barker
Hi Everyone, I'm so interested in what you are figuring out and sorry I am long distance away. However, no question I will be there! I need to figure out accessing the website. Thanks for your hard work!!!
Spouse Edward – Retired – banker with BB&T
Graduate of Naval Academy and MBA
Children – Andrew Davis, Peter Davis Stepsons – Andrew Barker, Ed Barker Jr.
Greatest interest outside of family is my garden and garden design business. My husband and I have taken many trips to England focusing on gardens. We frequently travel to Burlington, VT to visit grandchildren and to Colorado to see my sister Cathy Hollis and her family.
Memoreies of friends and activities with them. Sad memory of the loss of Mary Kay Sullivan.
Sally (Carlos) Barker
Hi Everyone,   I'm so interested in what you are figuring out and sorry I am long distance away.    However , no question I will be there!   I need to figure out accessing the web site .  Thanks for your hard work !!!   Sally (Carlos) Barker

Comment Posted 5/13/2011
Been up to: Taking care of Mom
Worked at Banks, Schools, and gave riding lessons for over 10 years.
Taking care of 3 old horses left over from the kids- I still love to ride.
Babysitting grandchildren occasionally
All my kids and grandchildren went to have been there many times since 1962.
What you remember: Still seems the same to me...My kids got a great education there.
Loved the Snake Dance up Littleton Blvd.
-Bonnie Plunkett Miller

Comment Posted 5/14/2011
Retired - Substitute Teacher
Been Up to: Activities with our 5 grandchildren, determined to do the Bolder Boulder this year, quilting, hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains...generally just enjoying my life.
What you remember:  So many beautiful fun memories....going out to eat before football/basketball games with wonderful friends!
-Sandy Swanson Becker

Comment Posted 5/19/2011
My wife and I lived in the Fraser, Tabernash area of Grand County in Colorado for 23 years. In 2010 we moved to Englewood. I still do my Vol. Ski Patrol with Winter Park/Mary Jane (46 years worth).
What you remember:  That it was there, lots of fond memories and even those we wish to forget. This is all part of life as the Lord designed it.
-John Wilson

Comment Posted 5/22/2011
Retired from the airline industry
May 2009...moved from Los Angeles to Henderson NV....Enjoying retirement.
-George Stewart

Comment Posted 5/20/2011
Retired Feb. 2010, spending time with 31/2 yr. old grandson, fishing, cycling, fixing up 37 Ford pickup., traveling, spending time with many friends from Denver Water
What you remember:  : My classmates
-Brian Nelson

Comment Posted 5/25/2011
I worked as an electrician almost since high school. After being retired for 7 years I wanted to do something rewarding. I am now with the original Independent Living Center, in Berkeley, CA., the home of the disabled rights movement. CIL is an incredible organization, and I am having a wonderful experience.
Spouse Elizabeth (Beth) Wheaton IL HS 1965
Children Theresa 45, Michael 39
Memories:  I have many good memories of LHS, and they all revolve around the people I met there.
-John Hastings

Comment Posted 5/28/2011
Flying Yankee Restoration Group, Inc. (Last stainless steel Zephyr that will ever run the rails again)
Been up to:  After leaving Vail I returned to the East Coast. Worked for Otis Elevator for a while,  Mariner Yacht, Timberland Shoe, and now Flying Yankee Restoration. Primarily all involved coordinating, sales, and promotions. Also raised and showed Siamese cats for a short time. Now also involved in producing hand "etched" glass ware.
What you remember:   My mother writing an "absence" note to Mr. Monger stating she had heard of "fish mongers", etc. but never a Mr. Monger. Please excuse Patsy from class. The other "funny" was that as I was going between classes one day, I was singing an old "sea shanty" under my breath ("Roll Me Over in the Clover") and Mr. Monger heard me and sent me home. My mother and father had fun explaining that It is actually quite an old tune on the east coast from the whaling days. I think that was the same year we TP'd the principal’s house. He wasn't too happy. Lee Erb may remember that one. That and the innocent meetings we used to have out at the Hi-Line Canal. That was at a time when we traveled in groups.
-Patricia Bedford Taylor

Comment Posted 5/28/2011
Enjoy golf, bridge, quilting, painting, traveling, 6 grandchildren
What you remember:   Quality of education, sports activities, good friends.
-Sue Sandburg Reynolds

Comment Posted 6/5/2011
James Burridge - Retired
Spouse  Linda  HS George Washington 1965
Children Brian 37 as of 2011
Collecting corvettes, historic racing, traveling with friends.
-James Burridge

Comment Posted 6/12/2011
Spouse Sandy
Spouse - retired Applied Materials
Spouse High School Lafayette HS Chesterfield, MO. 1969
Children Jennifer Bannister 42, Noelle Paplos 40 as of 2011
Keith Retired – Keith Mendia & Associates, Inc.
Been up to: Racing 1960 Corvette, playing Blue Grass music on my 5 string banjo, spending vacation time in Hawaii & Mexico. Taking road trips in our Vette. Enjoy my dog, spend time with friends and family, race cars, travel.
What you remember:  Great place to go to school, make life-long friendships and play sports.  I loved all of it.
-Keith Mendia

Comment Posted 6/26/2011
Spouse Nancy
Spouse Occupation Financial Manger Retired
Spouse HS Lan Leandro High, San Leandro, CA. 1965
Richard Occupation General Building Contractor/Developer – Retired
Been up to: Enjoying retirement and traveling, golf, road trips through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and South Dakota. Travel to Alaska, Vancouver, Montreal, Italy France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, China and upcoming to South Africa.
What you remember:   The high level of education, small town community spirit and friends to last a lifetime and leaving high School.
-Richard Shockley

Comment Posted 6/28/2011
Doing a lot of traveling back and forth from MI to CO about 4 times a year at least. Most of my time in Denver is spent with a guy I dated in high school
What you remember:   I had a great time, with friends. it was a very exciting time of my life.
- Candus Clark

Comment Posted 6/29/2011
What you remember:   I had come from a small school and Littleton was so large
-Sandrea "Sandy" Conley

Comment Posted 7/3/2012
Jack D. Larock
Spouse Peggy - Denver North HS 1964
Children Taryn 34, Marc 32
Occupation - Retired from millwork business 2009
Currently spending time with family, golf,  investments, and traveling.
Memories of HS:  study hall senior year sitting across from Anne Nicholson.
Jack Larock

Comment Posted 6/1/2012
John L. Nagley
Occupation Realtor with Re/Max Trinity
Spouse Lois Hillman Nagely Highland HS Salt Lake City 1962
Children John L. Nagely, III 39, Bryan Nagely 35
Been up to: Helping people buy and sell houses since 1973, cruising around Texas with the Lone Star Miata Club and Ft Worth Harley Owners Group.
Memories:  Visits to the state capitol with the Hi-Y Youth in Government  Program, Class of 1962 homecoming floats, and our competitive sports teams.
John Nagely

Comment Posted 6/20/2012
Judy Duclon Crump
Occupation - Retired
Spouse Tom - Retired - Rental Properties - Sells Slot Machines LHS 1963
Children - Tom Jr. 43, David 39
Been up to:   Involved in car shows, 2nd home in Arizona go there in winter. 2 grandchildren ages 16, 14 and work on rentals.
Judy and Tom Crump

Comment Posted 6/20/2012
Linda M. Fuller LaGrange
Occupation - Retired Teacher of 40 years teaching June 6, 2006
Spouse Larry - Engineer Bear Creek HS. 1962
Children - Brent La Grange 37
Been up to: Having Fun!  Preparing feed for homeless every Monday, Teaching a woman's bible study, knitting part of a shawl, ministry, quilting, book clubbing, bunco group, gardening, bird watching, card making, and my own delightful High Tea Catering Business for 8 years now. Singing in the church choir, and lots of travel.
Memories of LHS:  Dances, football games, my algebra teacher, language arts, and history teachers. Writing our senior papers -eeeek! Lunches with Carole Massey and her sister, lots of laughs and lots of fun
Linda LaGrange

Comment Posted 6/29/2012
Larry Wayne Kelly
Occupation - Retired
Spouse Viela Condry Kelly - Retired Hemingford HS, Hemingford NE. 1962
Children - Cheri (Jeff) Ousada 46, Tanya (David) Montgomery 44, Trina (Dale) Rice 41
We have 12 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren. Have lived in NE most of our married years. Worked in house painting, custodial, radio dispatcher, electrician for BN railroad, and county road dept. equipment operator.
Hobbies are country western music and running sound for church.
Memories:  my time playing sports, Senior Prom and high school buddies.
Larry Kelly

Comment Posted 7/2/2012
Patricia "Pat" An Knighton Gibson
Occupation - - Adjunct faculty Texas State University - San Marcos
Spouse John - Retired - Parr-San-Juan - Alamo, TX. 1957
Children David, Sarah Smith, Mary Gibson, Ann Rodriguez (Adults All)
Been up to:  All but dissertation at North Central University, should have earned my Doctor of Education by spring of 2013
Pat Knighton Gibson

Comment Posted 7/9/2012
Donna Lynn Fritts Williams
Occupation - Retired from UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Spouse Johnny H. - Retired from same as above
Children - Shannon Paul 43, Travis Sean dob 1971 (deceased 2005)
Been up to: gardening,  working part time, MD Anderson Retiree Association, plant societies, grandchildren, sewing, knitting, bird watching, piano - etc.
Memories:  Beside the wonderful classmates, Mrs Binkleman, I can still recite the "Prologue to the Canterbury Tales" from memory. I also remember my biology class very fondly but can't remember the teacher’s name although I liked her.
Donna Fritz Williams

Comment Posted 7/6/2012
Janet L Manske Phelps
Occupation - Social Worker State of Oregon
Children - Dulce Phelps , Rebeka Phelps
Been up to: I have had the opportunity to travel a great deal with my employment and I am looking forward to retirement this year and traveling for fun. I hear Hawaii calling me back. Oregon Duck Football games have been fun - especially winning the Rose Bowl.
Memories:  I remember a much simpler time and in many respects easier than what today’s kids deal with. Fun with friends, and going to football, basketball games and just cruising with friends
Janet Manske Phelps

Comment Posted 6/25/2012
Genie Dee Daggett Ritthaler
Occupation - Stadium Management Company - Denver Broncos
Spouse - Richard A - Sales - Wheat Ridge HS 1962
Children - Carrie Sue Alsvary 35, Teri Rae Ritthaler 39
Been up to:  I love to travel, read and hike. I play bridge and mahjong. Recently I took up golf and enjoy par 3 courses
Memories:  Playing in the band, working on Homecoming floats, taking modeling lessons with Sandy Swanson Becker. I loved Zoology class, even when it came to dissecting frogs.
Genie and Richard Ritthaler

Comment Posted 6/26/2012
Michael N. Morgan
Occupation - Dentist - Self
Been up to: building a cabin,  trying to retire, love to bird hunt with my dogs.
Memories:  sports (basketball), friends and girlfriends and all the activities that built great friendships.
Mike Morgan

Comment Posted 5/29/2012
Rick Wildman
Occupation - Lawyer - Sole Practitioner
Spouse - Constance Hughes - broker (art and real estate) commercial print model (Ford) and corporate aviation.
Been up to:Travel to 7 continents, 50 states, Polynesia, dinner atop the World Trade Center, NYC, diving and the Great Barrier Reef,  experiencing Hiroshima, climbing Mt. Fuji,  skiing and socializing in Aspen, a destination wedding in Tuscany, reading the classics of History and Literature, Trial and Appellate engagements’ 84,’ 92, ‘98, being pres. of law school, town council, Rotary and business district, being trustee on many charity boards with emphasis on helping abused and neglected children, since 1970, avoiding unprincipled compromise, living each minute of the strenuous life to the max, savoring life's beauty, human kindness, and meaningful friendships.
Memories: The class of 1962 singing “Roses are Red, My Love, Violets are blue..”. on Graduation Day
Rick Wildman

Comment Posted 7/11/2012
Judith A. Nicter Samuels
Occupation - Church Office Administrator at Agape Life Church, Arvada, CO.
Spouse Dawson - Retired Electrical Building Inspector Wheat Ridge HS 60
Children - Nick 46, Robin 43
Judith Samuels

Comment Posted 6/8/2012
Neva L Bradshaw Bixby
Occupation - Retired Nurse - Geriatric Specialist
Spouse - Bob - Lameivi IH HS 1957
Children Kerrie 46, Sheri 43
Been up to:  Private duty in a private home, gardening, lots of flower beds, more unusual than the norm for plants, church, charity work, and read alot.
Memories:   Sue Reynolds, LaDonna Jergenson 1963 best friends still see once a year at least.
Neva Bradshaw Bixby

Comment Posted 9/4/2011
Elaine Mezzano Vogel
Spouse Galen Vogel Retired Band Director HS Lenox HS Iowa 1955
Spouse Retired HS Band Director and public Education
Children Jeff 42, Patterson, LA, and Greg 41, Chatsworth CA.
Elaine Retired from Public Education College Career Specialist for H.B H.S District
2 Grand daughters 12 and 17 as of 2011
Have been married 47 years and have lived in CA all of that time. We spend lots of time traveling, Motor home, cruises, time shares, and visiting Son Jeff in Louisianna.
Remembrances of HS: being a twirler with the band.
-Elaine Mezzano Vogel

Comment Posted 12/31/2011
Elizabeth (Betti) Lind Johnson
After high school and college I did some photography modeling only until I got my career going. My career was always in the computer business. I started out teach word processing before PC's. Later I went into computer sales. Wound up landing two national accounts. The Automobile Club and Arco Petroleum were my focus as they were all over the country. My two children are Kimberly and Todd. Todd lives in Vancouver and has his degree in stage design. He also has a new house in Palm Springs where we spent Christmas. Kim and her family live in Norco, which is pretty close to me. My daughter Kim has three children, and Todd doesn't have kids.
-Betti Lind Johnson

Comment Posted 2/3/2012
I have visited the website. Nice work! You asked for pictures. Here is a recent picture of me, taken in Virginia this past Thanksgiving. (Nice Picture Cynthia Thank you for Sending)
-Cynthia Whittington

Comment Posted 2/4/2012
I spent August 2010 to October, 2011 in Baghdad as a Dept of Defense contractor, working as Iraqi Police Services Senior Coordinator, utilizing my previous experience as a Navy Intelligence officer (reserve) and senior police executive with 30 years in law enforcement, to show the Iraqis how to plan and manage their capabilities. Now the State Dept wants me back to continue the effort.
-Michael A. Barnes

Comment Posted 2/5/2012
Provided by Terry: Carol Gormely Semeiks is on your list of people you haven't been able to contact. You have her maiden name misspelled as "gromely". She is on Facebook as Jonna G. Semeiks. She changed her first name years ago. She lives in New York and is probably the only person I've had any contact with since high school
-Terry Cox

Comment Posted 4/14/2012
Barbara Hawn Tietz
Thanks all for adding me to the group. Looking forward to seeing everyone in August -- sure hope I recognize people -- don't you all?????
Husband Ivan
Recently retired and trying to figure out the next chapter of my life. Have been traveling all over the country to visit with family and friends, looking forward to more extensive travel.
Remember being a POM POM girl, and doing the production called “Manhattan Holiday”. That was great fun.
Thanks all for adding me to the group. Looking...
-Barbara Tietz

Comment Posted 10/25/2011
Occupation HS counselor Retired
Children's Names/Ages = Eric Thompson 40, Stephen Thompson 36
What's Up?  I retired from the Washoe County School District in 2007. I
was bored so I went back to work at a charter school, where I am
currently working as a school counselor. I probably will retire after this
year. I have 4 grandkids. Eric has two boys, Parker age 4 and Peyton age
1 and Steve has two girls, Lily age 4 and Isabelle age 1. I taught aerobic
dancing for 23 years and retired from that in 1999. I currently enjoy
walking, biking and making beaded jewelry. Babysitting is a pleasure and
I enjoy doing that as well. l'm looking forward to the reunion.
Memories: The camraderie and school spirit.
Gwen Moore Thompson

Comment Posted 10/25/2011
Lynette Olsen Lobb
Occupation = Retired
Spouse M. Delbert Lobb II Occupation Retired High School 1960
Children Andy Johnson (41), Dave Johnson (39), Connie Johnson (36), Gary Johnson (33)
What been up to: I was home for 28 years raising four children. For years I loved to play bridge and belong to bowling leagues. In 1989 I began taking classes to become a decorative painter (tole) and then taught tole painting classes for eight years. In August 1999 I began working for the American Water Works Association as an Administrative Assistant for 12 years. I retired in May 2011.
In June 2011 I had surgery for stomach cancer, and my stomach was completely removed. I will be finished with my radiation treatments in November 2011 and the chemotherapy treatments by February 2012. I am confident that I will be completely cured.
Memories:  I remember the sports events since I was in the Pep Club, the sock hops in the gym or the cafeteria, the proms, all the good friends I made, and all the business classes I took to prepare me to work in an office.
Lynette Olsen Lobb

Comment Posted 10/25/2011
Linda Waugh Calandrella
Occupation = Substitute Teacher Employer = Tanque Verde Unified School District Spouse William (Bill) Calandrella Occupation = Retired IBM Program Manager, High School St. Joseph's Military Academy; Hays, KS Children Amy Whelan (40), Paul (37), Laura (31)
What's Up?  Over the years besides teaching, raising our kids, and subbing, my husband and I were a team couple for Marriage Encounter and are now active in our Tucson church. We built our new house two years ago and are still in the process of decorating inside and landscaping outside. I have also published/mailed my Sigma Kappa Alum newsletter for our chapter at Greeley for 41 years.
Memories: I moved to Littleton the last quarter of my sophomore year and had to play catch-up in making friends. Luckily, I got to be involved by7 being a class officer during senior year.  I also worked (at Duckwall's) 5 nights a week with a group of other seniors which was lots of fun, but kept me from taking part in some evening activities for school.
Linda Waugh Calandrella

Comment Posted 10/21/2011
Raymond (Ray) Purinton
Occupation = New Business Development, Asia Pacific Region
Employer = Moog, Inc Retired as Director - New Business Development, Asia, Pacific Region. (Sent Pictures)
Spouse Sally Carlin Jones Purinton Occupation = Resource Specialist,  Spouse HS Westminster (CA) District High School Wheat Ridge High School 1964
We have 3 Children: Ted (35), Stephanie (34), David (29). We have 4 grandchildren.
What's Up?: Prior to China, we lived, worked and raised our three children in Walnut Creek and Huntington Beach, California for 33 years (1971 - 2006). We also lived in Snohomish for 2 years in the early 80's.  After living/working in California (1971- 2007) and in Beijing & Shanghai China for four years as Director-New Business Development (2007-2010), my wife and I retired to a 55+ community in Thornton (Heritage Todd Creek)  where I play golf, chair our church's Outreach & Mission Board and enjoy our grandchildren.
 Memories:  Playing basketball for LHS (soph, JV and varsity) and running cross play golf, enjoy grandkids and Colorado, (after a 40 year absence) and serve in church.
Ray Purinton

Comment Posted 10/19/2011
Occupation Adjunct Lecturer
Employer Texas State University San Marcos Spouse John Retired, HS 1957.
Children David, Sarah, Mary, Ann Adults
What's Up?: Working on my doctorate in Education from North Central University, teaching at Texas State, enjoying my grandchildren
Memories:  It was quite a change from the DOD school I had attended in Germany.
Pat (Knighton) Gibson

Comment Posted 10/19/2011
Occupation Business Owner
Employer = Western Pump, Inc.
Jan Rethmeier Occupation = Real Estate / Business Owner HS Chatsworth High School, 1966.
Children Ryan 39 Derek 38 Dana 33
What's Up?  Own Business ( since 1988. Active in Petroleum Equipment Institute (President 2011) for 20 years. Have traveled extensively for business and pleasure: US, Australia/NZ, Europe, Japan, Hawaii, Canada, Caribbean, US and Canadian National Parks. Love hiking especially near Coachella Valley. Getting close to retirement and turning business over to both sons who have worked in family business for 18 years.
Greatly enjoy family and 5 grandchildren.
Memories:  Football and basketball games, pep rallies, Student Council, wrestling team, Gary Balliett, Ruth Falkenstein, Dorothy Benkleman, Coaches Lynn Fey and Don Quails, long talks with Paulette Gerety, "studying" World History at Vicki Beeman's house, driving my 1948 black Plymouth, the trip to New Orleans with Tom Daly, Mike Morgan, and Jim Jacobson in the '48 Plymouth. Those Littleton years seemed like an incredibly virtuous time and place.
Dennis Rethmeier

Comment Posted 10/31/2011
Nancy Sherman
Occupation = Retired Medical Researcher Employer = Univ. Colo.Health Science Center,
What's Up?  After working 34 years in medical research, I have retired and am enjoying it.
Memories:  The Ski Club
Nancy Sherman

Comment Posted 10/31/2011
Bill Hurt
Occupation = Broker/Owner
Employer = ERA Shields Real Estate
Carol - Occupation = Retired
Spouse High School St. Francis de Sales, Denver, '62
Children's Names Michelle -48, Sheryl- 46, Edward- 43, Theresa- 39
What's Up?  Still working (too much), play a little golf, travel a bit, enjoy family time with 7 grandkids.
Memories: Have to think about it some
Bill Hurt

Comment Posted 10/31/2011
John Michael (Mike) Maron
Occupation = Retired pilot
Spouse Marti Maron Occupation = Retired nurse Cocoa High School/1962
Children Michael Richard Maron/43, Timothy Ryan Maron/37, Kristina Michelle Gray/34
What's Up?  Pilot US Air Force 1966-1988, Pilot Northwest Airlines
1989-2005, Retired Marti and I spend most of our time traveling around
US and overseas.
Memories: Football games/parties afterward/good teachers/great school
spirit/small town atmosphere/great people
Mike Moron

Comment Posted 10/31/2011
Teresa Hansel Kistler
Occupation = Retired Teacher
Spouse Bob Kistler Occupation Self employed, Littleton High School 1963
Children Bob - 42 Jeff - 39
What's Up?  Bob and I have combined golf with traveling, often times we are close to our six grandchildren, 5 boys and 1 girl and they keep us busy. A trip to Russia on a river cruise is planned for September.
Memories:  Football and basketball games, all the girls on Pom Pom, and the fun we had and the friends - the ups and downs of HS seems a long time ago - IT WAS.
Teresa Hansel Kistler

Comment Posted 10/31/2011
Terry Widdowson Cox
Occupation = Retired Medical Technologist Spouse High School 1962 Children Kristin 39 Thaddeus(Tad)37
What's Up? Travel, enjoying my grandchildren, volunteer work and
really enjoying retirement.
Terry Widdowson Cox

Comment Posted 10/31/2011
William (Bill) Yost
Occupation = Chair & Professor Employer Arizona State University
Spouse Lee Yost Occupation Retired, High School South High Denver, 1962
Children Kelley Ann Abrams, 40 Alyson Leigh Novesky, 36
What's Up? Been a professor and university administrator my whole career. My area of interest is the auditory neuroscience.
Memories:  Long walks from home in Bow Mar to the high school. Losing
the state tennis title to South High when we should have won. My 'civics'
class Senior year.
Bill Yost

Comment Posted 10/25/2011
Beverly Crew Moses
Occupation = Educator/Retired
Employer = Pasco County School District, Land O' Lakes, FL
Spouse Ed Moses (deceased) Occupation Business Management Spouse High School & Year Winner High School Winner, SD, 1956
Children Kristi (46), Michael (30), Jamie (28), grandson, Evan (16)
What's Up?  I received my B.A. and M.A. from the University of Denver and did post-graduate work at the University of Nevada/Reno (where I lived for ten years). My professional career as an educator lasted thirty-eight years. I taught kindergarten, special education, juvenile delinquents, community college, and reading and writing intervention at the elementary level.
During the last ten years of my career, my role changed to reading specialist and finally a district level literacy coach. As a coach, I wrote and presented training curriculum for elementary teachers throughout Pasco County School District (Florida). My career was rewarding and fulfilling and seemed to go by too quickly. I retired in June of 2010.
Retirement has been terrific. I have traveled extensively, work for a tutoring company two days a week and volunteer at an elementary school. My "playtime" includes beautiful days at the beach, boating to the islands, swimming laps at the pool, jogging at the track, horseback riding through the forest, and sunning by the pond in my backyard reading a book.
Life is good! Florida is a great place to live and a great place to be retired.  I have lived here for 25 years and still love it. My first husband, Gil, and I were married for ten years and had a daughter, Kristi. My husband, Ed, and I were married for twenty years before he passed away from cancer.
We had two children, Michael and Jamie. I also have a wonderful grandson, Evan, who will be accompanying me to the reunion.
Memories:   Mr. Taylor, my history and psychology teacher. He suggested I think about becoming a teacher. His encouragement and high expectations will always be remembered. I enjoyed our "sock hops." I loved to dance then and still do. I remember my dear friends Sue and Kathy, whom I haven't seen since shortly after high school (class of '61)  Art with Mr. Dean was always my favorite class.
Beverly Crew Moses

Comment Posted 11/14/2011
Susan Sundine Schurr
Occupation = Retired from Raytheon
Children Laura(40), Kathy(38), Stephanie(35)
What's Up?  Retired for 5 years; Enjoy grandchildren(12), playing golf, church work, walks on the beach, traveling Memories:  Friends, pom pom dance routines at games, canteen dances after games, living in a small town community
Susan Sundine Schurr

Comment Posted 2/17/2012
Nancy Mann
Occupation = Retired
Children Shauna Stovall, 45 John O'Hayre, 42 Heather O'Hayre, 32
Katie Barber, 30
What's Up?  Enjoying grandchildren traveling, hiking and snowshoeing with friends.
Nancy Mann

Comment Posted 2/17/2012
Lynne Sanchez
Occupation = Retired Employer = Kaiser Permanente.
What's Up?  Retired from Kaiser Permanente after 32 years, I love being retired - working at the food bank, walking the many trails around Littleton and the Foothills, attending book club, working out at the Buck Center, taking care of my great nephews, visiting both northern and southern California.
Memories:  Still having some of the same friends 50 years later.
Lynne Sanchez

Comment Posted 2/7/2012
Mary Ann Husbands Seymour
Occupation - Teacher - Retired
Employer - Poudre School District
Spouse Bob Seymour - Certified Financial Planner - LHS Class of 62
Children - Carl 40 and Scott 42
What we have been up to? I graduated from CSU with a BS degree in Psychology and my teaching certification through CU. In 2010 I retired after 33 years of teaching kindergarten and first grade. I have had two novels published.
"Around the Square" and "Butterfly Messages". They have a little bit of humor, mystery and romance and many characters and events that are based on fond memories of old Littleton. I am involved in different community volunteer efforts but most of all we love spending time with our sons and their children and their llamas and alpacas. We like to travel and recently visited Thailand and Vietnam.
Memories - I remember fun friends and good teachers whom I didn't fully appreciate at the time, who provided me with a good education. I loved the athletic events, games and state championships, the Lionettes,  and hours of practice, and the production  “Around the World in 80 Days”. I remember it as a good time and place to grow up.
Mary Ann Husbands Seymour

Comment Posted 12/14/2011
Gerritt Laman
Occupation = Business owner
Employer = Executive Courier, Inc.
Joyce Occupation sales
Spouse South High, Denver 1962
Children Jennifer, 41 Grant 39
What's Up? Still working. Involved with kids and grandchildren.
Memories: Sitting at the far end of the 'soc' table.
Gary Laman

Comment Posted 12/14/2011
JoAnn McFadden Flinn
Occupation = Teacher Employer = Poudre School District
Spouse Robert Occupation = Civil Engineer Roswell High school (NM) 1957.
What's Up?  I taught school for 26 years. Now I am happily retired and doing exactly what I want. How great is that!!!
Memories:   Friendly smiles and our funny little Spanish teacher who
threw a blackboard eraser at a misbehaving student behind me and hit me right between the eyes.
JoAnn McFadden Flinn

Comment posted 2/14/2012
Occupation = Senior Vice President  Employer = CHEGG.COM
Spouse:  Judith PHD Retired.  Spouse High School NEW YORK CITY, 1966.
Children Jim 42, Julie 42, Matthew 39
What's Up?  We travel quite a bit. I retired in 2006 but was lured back into helping a startup in 2001. My hobby is computer programming and working our land with my tractor.
Memories:  Intramural basketball and having fun on weekends.
Tom Dillon

Comment Posted Aug 29, 2011 combined a 2/28/2012 posting
Some Extended Text from others

Terry Rathbun Rose (Cameron deceased 1977)
Occupation - Principal/Teacher English, Latin now Retired.
Employer - St. Andrew School
Spouse Philip Rose
Spouse Occupation = College Professor, Math/Computer Sci.
Spouse High School Battle Creek High School, 1959
Children Gail, 43; Brian, 41; Gwynne, 36; John 34

Now known as Terry Lynn (Cameron) Rose (Rathbun ( 1st. husband died in head on collision in 1977; remarried Mr. Rose, a college professor,1981, who stalwartly helped her to raise four young children) and she is currently living west of Helena, Montana, at the foot of the Continental Divide. Tough and feisty, she battles knap weed, severe winters, and gophers. Her temperament reflects the severe seasons, so she is best avoided. She reads voraciously and writes poems and books of interest to no one. Much too late to have physical stamina, and a lover of comfort and hater of exercise in any form, she has taken strangely to bicycling selectively around Montana and North Idaho (no extended up- hill climbs greater than 4% thank you) She explores the mountains in an old red jeep held together with bailing wire and duck tape and is a bit of a loner. Vita: Co-founder of an independent Catholic school now 200 hundred strong (; semi retired, currently teaches Latin and English as needed (which is too often because no one knows Latin anymore--someone has to preserve this wayward civilization, right?). Highly unlikely to appear at a class reunion unless it were held in rural Montana where life makes sense.
What's Up?  Outsmarting gophers, cycling during brief Monatana
summers, working on three books, vanquishing old age as best I can.
Memories:  Little inside the school walls Explored ghost towns in dad's red jeep, visited Latin American countries where dad worked; a certain carefree recklessness as the Viet Nam war swelled and swallowed our generation.
-Terry Rathbun Rose

Comment Posted 3/2/2012
Susan Jean Swanson Thornton
Occupation = retired
Spouse Michael W. Thornton Occupation = Software Engineer Spouse High School Kemmer (Wyo), 1970
Children Daughter Diana J. DeMaria (born 1963) Air Traffic Controller; daughter Debbie J. Duff Peugh H.R. Manager (born 1966); 5 grandchildren (ages 6 - 18)
What's Up? Enjoying life so much, I am  very fortunate! Besides my adorable husband & my extended family, love to travel, play bridge, work outside, & read my Kindle.
Memories: All the wonderful friendships, teachers, and the pep rally/games.
Susan Swanson Thornton

Comment Posted 4/25/2012
Carolyn Bartusiak Montgomery
Occupation = Retired
Spouse Harry Montgomery Littleton High 1962 Occupation = Retired
Children Katie Bair Dunnam 44, Man Bair 43, Elizabeth Higgins 37, Michael Higgins 29.
What's Up?  I have been enjoying two grandchildren as much as
possible. I also enjoy gardening and fly fishing and tying flies.   I like being busy
and creative so I do cake decorating as a side business for weddings and special occasions.
Memories: That it was a big and scary place. I was very shy after coming for a small school like St. Marys
Carolyn Bartusiak Montgomery

Comment Posted 4/12/2012
Harry  Montgomery
Occupation = retired
Spouse Carolyn Bartusiak Occupation = retired
Spouse High School Littleton High 1962
Children Step children-Katie Dunham 44 Man Bair 43 Elizabeth
Higgins 37 Michael Higgins 29.
What's Up?  Retired after 30 years in the Ready Mix Concrete business. I enjoy fly fishing and tying my own flies.
Memories:  High school was fun for me mainly because of the athletic
sports. I enjoyed the school dances. I spent K-12 in Littleton Schools so I
had lots of friends by graduation. My family actually settled in Morrison,
Colorado,  in 1883 which meant I had a lot of cousins at LHS, and that
was fun also.
Harry Montgomery

Comment Poste 4/25/2012
Lee Erb
Occupation - Business Owner / Electrical Engineer Retired
Spouse Mary Ann Occupation = Nurse / retired Spouse High School & Year Hinsdale, IL, 1970.
Children Names Larisa, 42 Lacey 34 Lane, 30 Andrea, 26
What's Up?  Trying to live the most out of life
Memories: Expanding my horizons throughout the high school years.
Lee Erb

Comment Posted 4/25/2012
Carol Yeargain Hardy
Occupation = retired Spouse Jim retired Spouse High School West High School 1958
Children Darrin,44; Brandon,42; Jenna,39
What's Up? Living,  traveling, working, moving, mostly enjoying life, kids and grandkids, and friends                    Memories:  friends and  Mr. Whiting.
Carol Yeargain Hardy

Comment Posted 4/25/2012
Suzanne Vereen Donkin Kaplan
Occupation - Physician Retired Spouse Norman Kaplan Occupation Physician - Retired Spouse High School Bronx Science 1951
Children Peter Tenenbaum 44
Memories: Mrs. Benkelman
Susan Kaplan

Comment Posted 4/20/2012
Occupation = Police/Military intelligence Consultant Retired
Spouse Robin Occupation = HR Manager High School Arroyo
High School, El Monte, CA - 1969
What's Up?  1997 ? Retired from 30-year law enforcement career in California as Special Agent in Charge (California Department of Justice and Hawthorne Police Department) 1999- Retired as Captain/O 6 U. S. Navy (Intelligence) Reserve, after 30 year career.
2000 to now - University Lecturer; consultant and defense contractor in various contracts; including deployment to Iraq 2010-2011 as Iraqi Police Services Senior Coordinator. Currently awaiting deployment to Iraq as a Senior Police Advisor for the Department of State. Living in Fort Worth, Texas with my wife Robin, married 32 years.
Memories: Arapahoe Rescue Patrol; class play - "Around the World in
80 Days"; white shirt cheering section at football games; football and
basketball championships.
Michael Barnes

Comment Posted 4/12/2012
William Frank
Occupation = Career Consultant to Executives Employer = CareerLab Spouse Beverly
Children Brandon - Age 43 Kenny - Nashville -Age 42
What's Up? My father and grandfather were both physicians, and my mother was a nurse, so I assumed I’d be a doctor too. I entered pre-med, but soon realized I was not a scientist. I was a healer, though,
and turned my talents to career development.
In 1978, I started a company called CareerLab, and we’ve been hired by 350 corporations to provide career advice. Most of our clients are business leaders who’ve been laid off. We help them focus, market
themselves, and get rehired in nearly-ideal jobs. Being self employed, I can work by phone from anywhere, and have no plans to retire. Instead, I am slowing down bit by bit. I am a strong believer in life balance, so devote a lot of time to family and friends. My father is 95, and I spend one day per week with him. We love to visit Nashville and Seattle to see our two adult boys and two grandchildren. Although we’ve traveled and cruised some, travel isn’t a goal. We are homebodies at heart, and enjoy gardening and tinkering around the house. Although my work has taken me to most major U.S. cities, we love Colorado, and live only 12.8 miles from Littleton High School.
Memories: Littleton was my third high school. I began at South, and then transferred to George Washington when it opened six blocks from my house. My parents moved to Littleton in my senior year, so I graduated
there. Besides the classes themselves, being a diver on the swimming team gave me friends, a feeling of belonging, and a sense of accomplishment
Bill Frank

Comment Posted
Milton Ross Occupation = Microbiologist  Employer retired
Spouse Flordeliz Occupation = Physician High School Phillipines.
Children Liza 44 Natasha 40 Henrik 36
What's Up? travel,  reading, TV.
Memories:  Mr. Engelhardt, debate club
Milton Ross

Comment Posted 4/11/2012
Carol Peterson Roberts
Spouse Bill Roberts Retired
Children David Roberts 45, Holly Roberts Grove 43
What's Up? Traveling
Carol Peterson Roberts

Comment Posted 4/16/2012
Chuck Cardarelle
Occupation = Strategic Account Manager Employer = HO Supply
Spouse Rosemary - Occupation Realtor HS Englewood HS 1967
Children Tim 42, Mike 40, Rick 38, Ken 36
What's Up? After high school, I joined the Air Force and spent 4 years as a missile technician. After I was discharged, I went to Arapahoe Junior College where I earned my AAS degree. Finished my other 2 years and earned by BA degree at Southern Colorado State College. Spent the majority of my sales career in pharmaceutical sales. l'm now a Strategic National Account Manager for a major supply company. I was also an EMT, a Station Chief with Larkspur Volunteer Fire Department for 10 years and most currently did volunteer work for the American Red Cross and FEMA Dept. of Homeland Security on a National Medical Response Team.
We have 16 Grandchildren with another one on the way. So most of our time is taken up babysitting these days.
Memories: I remember all the school spirit that we, the students had during the years our sports teams brought the many championship trophy's to our display case.  
Chuck Cardarelle

Comment Posted 2012
Susan Sandburg Reynolds
Spouse Dennis – Minot HS 1959
Spouse Occupation CPA
Spouse HS Minot HS 1959
Children Vicki Maloney, Stephanie Menzel, Kimberly Dunn
Occupation Artist Self Employed.
Been up to: enjoy golf, bridge, quilting, painting, traveling, 6 grandchildren.
Memories: quality of education, sports activities, good friends,  meeting my husband while trying to sell tickets to school play.
Sue Sandburg Reynolds

Comment Posted 2/27/2012
Occupation: Substitute Teacher – Tangue Verde Unified School District
Spouse William , Retired IBM Program Manager HS St. Josephs Military Academy, Hays KS.
Children Amy Whelan, Paul, Laura
Whats up: Over the years besides teaching, raising our kids, and subbing, my husband and I were a team couple for Marriage Encounter and are now active in our Tucson church. We built our new house two years ago and are still in the process of decorating inside and landscaping outside. I have also published/mailed my Sigma Kappa Alum newsletter for our chapter at Greeley for 41 years.
Memories – I moved  to Littleton the last quarter of my sophomore year and had to play catch-up in making friends. Luckily, I got to be involved by being a class officer during senior year. I also worked at Duckwalls 5 nights a week with a group of other seniors which was lots of fun, but kept me from taking part in some evening activities for school.
Linda Waugh Calandrella

Comment posted 2012
Occupation – Practice Manager – Dr. Darren C. Norby
Children Jeffrey Allan Wolfe, Lisa Marie Sidenblad
Sharon Gafford Wolfe

Comment Posted 3/6/2012
Gwen Moore Thompson
Occupation Counselor
Children Eric, Stephen
Still working but quitting June 1 retiring for 2nd time.  Hobbies are reading and gardening. I retired from the Washoe County School District in 2007. I was bored so I went back to work at a charter school, where I am currently working as a school counselor. I probably will retire this year.
I have 4 grandkids.  My Son Eric has two boys Parker and Peyton, and Steve my son has two girls Lily and Isabelle. I taught  aerobic dancing for 23 years and retired from that in 1999. I currently enjoy walking, biking and making beaded jewelry. Babysitting is a pleasure and I enjoy doing that as well.
Memories – Lionettes,  friendships, getting stuck in the mud, making out, the camaraderie and school spirit.
I look forward to the reunion.
Gwen Thompson

Comment Posted 4/12/2012
“Betti” Lind Johnson
2 Children Daughter Kimberly has 3 Children, Lives in Norco, CA. near Betti, and son Todd no kids lives in Vancouver, WA. Son Todd has a house in Palm Springs. Classmate friend Linda Smullins Knabb of Class of 61 and husband Tom, have a home in the Columbine CO. area, and have a summer home in Mexico.  Spend lot of time together whenever they can in Mexico and Colorado.
Occupation: Commercial Property Management
Active with hobbies, travel, sailing, family and friends.
Memories – Majorette and friends
Betti Johnson

Comment Posted 4/13/2012
Karen Kay Wise
Retired from LPS activity Leader – Day Care
Spouse Ron Wise Carpenter LHS 1961
Children Rex, Drew, Travis
Been up to: Ron and I are both enjoying retirement, I also enjoy family get - togethers, reading painting, crafts and gardening.
Memories: Friday night football games.
Karen Wise

Comment Posted 4/9/2012
Jay Jurgensen
Spouse La Donna Reynolds Jurgensen class of 63
Children Amie, Keli, Geoff
Jay Jurgensen

Comment Posted 4/6/2012
Janice Visness Leonard
Retired Elementary School Teacher, Small Business Owner
Spouse Stephen Retired Deputy Sheriff East High School 1961
Children Jeffrey Leonard 37 Married and 2 Grandchildren
Been up to:  AKC Judge of 22 breeds, exhibit our Shelties and Papaillons, read, enjoy grandchildren, travel in RV, work in my glass etching business.
Memories Football and basket ball games, Mr. Deans art classes, being the lowest class years in a row when the freshman were moved to the middle school our sophomore year.
Janice Leonard

Comment Posted 4/6/2012
Sandy Blezek Davidowski
Spouse John (Ski)
Self Employed / Real Estate Appraiser
Spouse USCG – Retired HS Hanover Township, PA. class of 63
Children Kristine Nelson, Wendy Moore
Still working and in real estate appraising, do mainly residential. Take long vacations in our RV. Have traveled all the U.S. States except Maine, New Hampshire,Vermont. Have visited Mexico and Canada and Alaska. Still love reading, fishing and golf.
Memories: Best English teachers, ever so grateful for their guidance. Still remember the excitement of our championship football and basketball teams going to State. Remember the fun dances on the gym floor, being “scrubs” wearing beanies for 2 years, prom and Sadie Hawkins dances, our funny group of friends, art class and the class floats.
Sandy Davidowski

Comment Posted 4/6/2012
Tito Howard
Spouse Phyllis J (PJ – Secretary – Treas, HMC HS 67
Occupation HMC Intl
Children Court, Mason
Been up to: Family, water and snow skiing, flying
Memories:  LHS was a great experience, I like the mutual respect our classmates have had for one another, the many friends that do not have fond high school memories.
Tito Howard

Comment Posted 4/5/2012
Vicki Watson Kolbe
Spouse Al Kolbe – Retired
Vicki – Retired
I tutor at our local Elementary school twice a week, reading and math. Coordinate a bridge group at our community center. Play duplicate bridge once a week, travel a couple of times a year, and read a lot.
Memories – Attended live football and basketball games for the first time, made good friends, Good memories of group effort decorating homecoming floats, experienced first love along with the joys and heartbreaks that go with it.
Vicki Watson Kolbe

Comment Posted 2012
Brian Nelson
Spouse Connie
Spouse occupation Self Employed
Spouse HS LHS 1965
Children Jessica 38 as of 2011
Occupation Microbiologist Retired 2010
Employer Denver Water Dept. Retired after 40 years.
Been up to: spending time with 3 ½ yr old grandson Jayce, fishing, cycling,  fixing up 37 ford pickup, spending time with friends.
Remembers: Enjoyed many of the classes and classmates, sports, football and basketball.
Brian Nelson   

Comment Posted 2012
Maggie Tegtmeyer Hunt
Spouse Roger Hunt –Colorado Springs HS Palmer Retired Attorney
Children David Meiggs and Michael Meiggs
Been up to: DKG, Questers, book club, Deacon, art, enjoying each day, spending time with 2 granddaughters.
Memories of HS: friendships,  student council.
Maggie Tegtmeyer Hunt

Comment Posted 2012
Barbara Raugh Reynolds
Spouse –Wayne Retired LHS 1962
Children Doug and Michelle
Spend our winters in Florida and summers in Colorado near Fairplay
Good friends that continue with other cheerleaders, pom poms and twirlers today..
Barbara Reynolds

Comment Posted 4/19/2012
Sandy Conley Leonard
Own a Courier Company Work and Work
Son Donald Leonard age 50
Remembers: Prom, archery, dancing in the gym on cold days.
Had come from a small school and LHS was so large.
Sandy Conley Leonard

Comment Posted 4/18/2012
Jill Talcott Huddleston
Spouse – Loyal (Hud) Wakefield HS, Wakefield Kansas
Been up to: travel South America, S. E. Asia, Japan, Europe and Canada. Like hiking playing golf, snow skiing.
Memories: good times and good Friends.
Jill Talcott Huddleston

Comment Posted 4/13/2012
Bonnie Plunkett Miller
Spouse Jim
Spouse Occupation Retired from Frontier Airlines
Spouse HS Stillwater, OK.
Children Tim 45, Casey 35, Leslie as of 2011
Occupation Retired
Been up to: worked at banks, schools, and gave riding lessons for 10 yrs., taking care of elderly mom, playing with the grandchildren.  All children had gone to LHS and grandchildren also.
What I remembered is no cell phones, pay phone to call home, Spirit Week and the snake dance down Littleton Blvd. We rode our horses around the field carrying flags before football games, sporting the purple and gold.
Bonnie Plunkett Miller

Comment Posted 4/17/2012
Donna Stewart Park
Spouse Jim Greeley High 1962
This summer a photograph of my husband and myself appeared on the Colorado Rockies Year of the Fan Season Ticket for the game July 13, 2012. I have lived for 45 years on a farm in Northeastern Colorado that has been owned by the same family since 1888 and is recognized as a Centennial Farm by the Colorado Historical Society.
Donna Stewart Park

Comment Posted 4/17/2012
Connie Hoffman Powers
Spouse Chuck Powers
Connie is a retired banker and Chuck is a retired attorney, and banker
Retired from banking in 1993 and moved to Edwards, CO. Chuck and I volunteer for many community board of directors and events in our subdivision of 970+ households. We enjoy skiing, hiking, biking and golf as well as attending grand children events and sports in Colorado Springs and Grand Junction. We enjoy visiting in Montana, Hawaii and Michigan.
Connie Hoffman Powers

Comment posted 4/17/2012
Dave Stidman
Son Peter Age 40, Greta Age 36 Granddaughter Anna Age 8
Owner of Wax Trax Records
Been up to: going to Germany and Sweden, going to Prague, helping with granddaughter, keeping busy working.
Remember playing baseball, Twisting dance after the games at canteen, getting sick after the prom (asthma) Mr. Balliet, Mrs. Binkleman in English class, going to football games and last second shot at basketball game.
Dave Stidman

Comment Posted 4/16/2012
Pam Hassan Stowers
Spouse Dick Stowers – Owner Prestige Medical
HS time Massaonutten Military Academy 1962
Pam recently 1 year ago retired from teaching 4th grade for 30 years. I enjoy the free time, but do some substituting for my teacher friends. I enjoy the great outdoors with walking and keeping my yard beautiful. We also have enjoyed traveling more. The best way to spend time, however, is with my wonderful grandchildren.
I remember a fun experience in high school. Running around with the group, building floats, camping out overnight on someone’s front yard. Mrs Binklemen’s English class and reciting poetry.
Pamela Hassan Stowers

Comment Posted 3/17/2012
Carol West
Been up to My B. A in History CU-Boulder and M.A. in Guidance Counseling DU paved the road to my current retirement living in Denver. The rather mundane but comfortable situation follows 34 years of secondary school settings quite literally around the world and in high school counseling positions for over 30 of those years. Peace Corps in Jamaica was my initial international foray over 30 years ago and was when I discovered the overseas American schools. I did college counseling in American Schools in Brazil, (Sao Paulo), Ecuador (Quito), Kuwait, Philippines ( Manila) Syria (Damascus) Egypt (Cairo) and Taiwan (Kaohsiung) for 20 years and have been back to Taiwan 3 times as the substitute counselor at my old school since retirement. Life has been and remains Excellent.
What I remember of HS is Mrs. Benkleman left big grammar prints in my brain. I think of her when I am cringing hearing people saying “just between you and I” and my thumb involuntarily goes into action when pondering “who and whom” usage. Her phrase of “fewer cars, less traffic” plays in my brain as the constant misuse of “less” appears over and over.
Carol West

Comment Posted 3/17/2012
Dick Glassburn
Spouse Kathleen - occupation writer
Children Sam, Stephanie
Dick Glassburn

Comment Posted 3/19/2012
Charles "Kit" Weed
Spouse: Rebeka Van Loon Jones
Occupation:  Homemaker
Been up to: caring for house and yard
Remember “Pall Bearers” Club, day trip to Pikes Peak Hill Climb, prom night  and our sports.
Kit Weed

Comment Posted 4/11/2012
Judy Heid Gibbons
Spouse Steve Franchise Trainer
HS Curley Prep, Baltimore, MD. 1965
Since I’ve retired, Steve and I have traveled coast to coast and into Canada. We have family in CO, MD, and GA which we see as often as possible. We are blessed with not only our children, but our grandchildren (9) grandchildren and 2 great Grandchildren. Our live is very full and satisfying today.
Memories: I remember the dances after the football games, poodle skirts, bobby socks, state championship game at Montrose, riding the ski train to winter park, having a grand time in my 52 Chevy convertible.
Judy Heid Gibbons

Comment Posted 3/30/2012
Bill Wood
Spouse Janna LHS 1966
4 Grand Children
Fly fishing, hunting quail, etc.
Bill Wood

Comment Posted 3/2012
Lynn Kravitz
Spouse Anita Grad of LHS 1963
Children Kathi, Kristi, Kelley
Lynn occupation now retired.
Been up to: the Corvette Club, golf, travel. At the 40th Reunion many from our old gang showed up and we decided to keep getting together. We now see each other at least once a year and often twice. We travel to Mazatlan, Mexico,
3 of us even went to China. We also enjoy road trips in our Corvette.
Married my high school sweetheart.
Lynn Kravtiz

Comment Posted 3/15/2012
John Nagel MD.
Spouse Nanina Hawk
Been up to: been in psychiatric practice since completing residency in 1975 then Durango for 3 years, then Northern Colorado. Medical Director of PVH Mountain Crest Hospital.
I remember teachers, academic challenges and support of friends, football and Coach Haggerty making us run the hill in the stadium. Enjoyed playing a minor part in Around the World in 80 Days.
John Nagel MD

Comment Posted 4/18/2012
Candy Clark
Children Craig R Houck 49 as of 2012
Travel from MI to CO often 4 times year visiting a lot of old friends, dating in Denver area David Davis
Remember Homecoming Dance in 1959 and all the good friends I made.
Exciting time of my life.
Candy Clark

Comment Posted 4/11/2012
Lynnette Olsen Lobb
Spouse M. Delbert Lobb II - Retired
Spouse School 1960
I was home for 28 years raising four children. For years I loved to play bridge and belong to bowling leagues. In 1989 I began taking classes to become a decorative painter (tole) and then taught tole painting classes for eight years. In August 1999 I began working for the American Water Work Association as an administrative assistant for 12 years. I retired in May 2011. In June I had surgery for stomach Cancer, and my stomach was completely removed. I will be finishing with my radiation treatments in November 2011 and the Chemotherapy treatments by February 2012. I am Confident that I will be completely cured.
I remember the Sports events, since I was in the pep club, the sock hops in the gym or the cafeteria, the proms, all the good friends I made, and all the business classes it took to prepare me for work in an office.
Lynnette Olsen Lobb  

Comment posted 4/9/2012
Sally Thomas Peterson
Spouse Dan Peterson Chinook, Mt 1962
Been up to: hiking and golf
Finishing a doctoral program at CSU, Theta reunions, family get-togethers.
Remember about high school, neat cars in homecoming parade (I have photos if you want them), building the float in my dad’s garage. My geometry teacher embarrassing me. My English teacher really working on vocabulary, my buddies Sue and Maggie and our class.
Sally Thomas Peterson

Comment posted 5/23/2012
Cynthia Jo Reed Whittington
Occupation Volunteer
Children - Alex 31
Still living in Houston an still enjoying lots of travel. Too much to list since the last reunion but my travel list is up to 40 countries by now. Do volunteer work, take classes, read a lot, travel plan travel, think about travel, enjoy attending theater, symphony, ballet and opera. Houston is a great arts and culture city. My sisters live in Littleton, so I come to Colorado several times a year. Love the summers but not so much the winters.
Memories - Friends
Cynthia Reed Whittington

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