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Littleton High School
Class of 1962
Littleton High
Class of 62

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The list of our Classmates we are having trouble locating. Some have names changed through marriage others may be typo errors from earlier publications.
If you have any information or corrections please email to our site.

email them to us Reunion Committee

This Listing of 62 classmates shown below is believed to be correct as of May 3, 2015

Patricia L. Bedford Taylor Almond Meier, Elizabeth Ann Baird Baird Mary Ellen Ballard, Page
Bicknell, Jack Bjorensen, Terry C Bowerman, Jaklyn Farris Boyt, James R
Brom, Larry Hilbert, Carolyn Davenport Dawson, Diane Ruth Demoss, Linda Faye
Devine, James Paul Drew, Barbara Jean Fannin, John Thomas  
Barnes, Margaret Ferguson Beaucage, Goodman Janet Carol Beggs, Constance Louise Gambee, Koran Jean
Marceca, Louise Alice Gamboa Hare, David J Hauskey, Martha Ann Headley, Kent B
Henne, Virginia Ellen Henrickson, Juanita Lee   Harbeck Sherrie Hill
Knuckles, Judy Howard Kirby, Peggy Ruth Howard Hrdlicka, John Joseph Humphries, Dianna Marie
Inman, Trudi James, Jim Lee Kauzlarich, Kay L Kinard, Robert M
Kossler, Mary Squires, Karen Kunz Lang, Suan Isabel Light, Caron Eileen
Lindh, Judith J Lucas, Robert Craig Meyers, Pam Moore, Anice Juliette
Morris, Walter Owen Parks, David Pease, Linda E Phillips, Sandra Jean
Pilar, Marge Pope, Cathy Jane Pulley, Susan Jolene Daniels, Virginia Ann Riggs
Maxwell, Donna Roth   Schyeuer, Schueller, Mary Sonnenberg, Linda Ann
Cheney, Lindann Speakman Wheeler, Carol Helen Stockham    
Tsuchiya, Mayumi White, Naomi Jeanne   Wehrle, Joe Niko

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